DISQ 2.1: The DISC Questionnaires for measuring job demands and job resources in the DISC Model

Personal interview Jan de Jonge in TM Messenger December, 2005

Presentation DISC Model, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 21 December, 2005 (small format - 6 slides per page)

Presentation NSvP Expertmeeting about work motivation in nursing homes, 27 January, 2006 (small format)

Presentation DISC Vignette Study APA-NIOSH Conference Miami Florida, 2 March ,2006 (normal format - 2 slides per page)

Article NSvP Journal about a healthy and motivating work environment
in nursing using the DISC Model (in Dutch - June, 2006

Presentation EAWOP Small Group Meeting (18 January, 2007):
Job Strain, Effort-Reward Imbalance and Employee Health: Are Older Workers Worse Off? (small format - 4 slides per page)

And the winner is...
First price for Hanneke Noordam for her Masterthesis
on the DISC Model and creativity (in Dutch - March, 2007)

Presentation Emotion Work, SIOP 2007 Conference New York City,
28 April, 2007 (normal format - 2 slides per page)

Presentation DISC Vignette Study, EAWOP 2007 Conference Stockholm Sweden, May 2007 (normal format - 2 slides per page)