Jan de Jonge (1964) is Full Professor of Work, Organizational, and Sports  Psychology at the Human Performance Management Group of Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and Vice-Dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. Further, Jan is Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide, Center for Applied Psychological Research (South Australia). Since 2004, he is also Visiting Professor at the Loughborough University Business School (UK), in the field of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.

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Jan is member of several professional networks in the Work and Organizational Psychology arena, such as APA, BPS, SIOP, EAWOP, WAOP, EA-OHP, ICOH, and ICOH-WOPS. Moreover, he is collaborating with scholars from Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, Belgium, USA, Canada, South-Korea, Denmark, and Sweden. In the past he published over one-hundred scientific articles, books, chapters, paper and poster presentations, most of which can be downloaded from this website (see publications, free downloads inclusive).


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“The most striking development, however, is the changing nature of work itself and its increased psychosocial workload ("work stress"). Today for many employees, work poses primarily mental and emotional demands, rather than physical demands. The developments in work have changed the jobs of many employees: these days, for instance, a car mechanic deals with complicated electronic systems as well as with highly demanding clients. So work has changed from manual to mental and emotional work.”

Jan's current teaching, research, and other activities are on Work, Organizational, and Sports Psychology, Human Performance Management, as well as on Advanced Methods & Statistics. Central theme is the optimization of performance at work and sports. Together with Christian Dormann he developed the Demand-Induced Strain Compensation (DISC) Model of job stress (DISQ questionnaire inclusive). Furthermore, he has several editorial responsibilities for national and international scientific journals.




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